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Chapter 8

Police Commissioner Lincoln Louis and Doctor Phillip Chapman who did the autopsies on Valley and Christian were giving a press conference at city hall.

"Good afternoon, began Louis as he looked out at the collective gathering of reporters. Beside me Dr. Phillip Chapman, the coroner who did the autopsies on Rico Valley and Kasey Christian. Dr. Chapman would like to make a statement on the Christian murder."

Slightly on the short and overweight side, the bespeckled and balding Dr.

Chapman stepped to the microphone and began reading from a written statement prepared by his assistant.

"Good afternoon, began Chapman after clearing his throat. An autopsy has confirmed that Kasey Christian died by strangulation as was suspected by the electrical cord tied around his neck. The autopsy showed that the victim suffered petichial hemorrhages in the eyes, lungs, face and neck regions, all consistent with death by strangulation. The victim also suffered a fractured hyoid bone which is also consistent with death by strangulation.

Although we're still running toxicology tests, so far no evidence of drugs or alcohol have shown up in either person. I turn things back to Commissioner Louis."

"Any questions"? asked Louis, returning to the microphone.

"What time was Christian murdered"? asked a reporter.

"All we know is that it was sometime before 11:30 that morning when his sister -in-law found the body, explained Louis. We'll know more when we get the results of the stomach contents come back".

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