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Chapter 3

William set his sights on some of the younger chatters and started going in the teen chat rooms.

This time he crossed the border into Canada. He felt some chatters might become suspicious of him and notify the authorities via the Internet. He was right. Sheneda felt all along he was not who he claimed to be. She sent an email to the address that flashed across the screen warning chatters to beware.

Scotland Yard as well as American law enforcement officers alerted all public libraries in the United States to be on the look out for anyone using their public computers on a regular basis. They sent a description of him along with a picture from his prison files to all libraries. They also warned he probably had dyed his hair or might even be wearing a disguise.

This was not the same William now that escaped from Wakefield Prison. His hair was much shorter and he had shaved off his moustache. He wore blue jeans, a tee shirt and white tennis shoes. He was seeking a younger crowd and started going into teenagers' chat rooms where mainly fourteen to sixteen year old girls chatted. He had a plan that he felt was foolproof to lure teenage girls into his deadly trap.

Inspector Schilling from Interpol warned Canadian authorities William could strike in that country next.

"You are not dealing with a normal human being. This man is an animal. He has no morals and we can never predict where or when he will strike again. Exercise extreme caution while pursuing him," he sternly warned.

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