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Chapter 6

Now Arflin must prepare himself for the worst-case scenario and be ready to move at any moment. It would only be a matter of time before the authorities would identify Farmington's body and put two and two together. They would most certainly go to Farmington's house in search of clues and that would entail dusting for fingerprints. Arflin's prints were everywhere and it wouldn't take long before he was the prime suspect in the murder of Jock Farmington.

He had been escaped from prison less than two months and had already murdered eight innocent people. Arflin had turned into a psychopathic killing machine and must be stopped before he killed again.

The plane landed at Bogota, Columbia. Arflin knew he couldn't use Jock Farmington's identification much longer. He would use it one more time when he checked into a hotel for the night. The next day he would find a place to get a fake drivers license and say good-bye to Jock Farmington forever. Arflin didn't realize it, but the police were really getting hot on his trail back in Sydney. Jock Farmington's body had been identified. A quick check with the airport confirmed someone had purchased a plane ticket to Bogota, Columbia using his identification.

Australian authorities notified Bogota police about the probability of William Arflin being in their city. He must be apprehended as soon as possible before he kills again they emphasized.

Bogota police were about one minute away from catching Arflin. He had no sooner checked out of his hotel room early the next morning, when he spotted several police officers entering the hotel. He had a gut feeling they might be looking for him and quickly summoned a taxi. He needed to put a little distance between himself and the hotel.

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