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Mankind has made more progress in the last 100 years than since time on earth began. With all the vast knowledge now available to anyone at the touch of a keyboard, even the criminal minds have become smarter. It is estimated 65% of the free world are now using computers to some extent. Those using computers now stand a greater chance of becoming victims because of the ever-increasing number of computer criminals. Hackers get into our online bank accounts, credit card accounts and even steal our social security numbers and identities. We need to organize a strong global computer police force to help protect us. Until that becomes a reality we must learn to be cautious with whom we communicate with especially in chat rooms. This is where young children, teenagers, widows as well as widowers and the elderly fall victim to these smooth talking ever-lying con artists. Some of these cons can lead to murder, as you will soon learn.

There have been murders, rapes, robbery and just about every crime imaginable committed via the Internet. Can we stop it? Probably not, but we can take a large bite out of computer crimes by using good common sense.

Sit back and read this first of a kind novel dealing with a killer who stalks his prey via the Internet. Here is some food for thought before you begin. Have you unknowingly chatted with a killer today?

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