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Chapter 4

William once again felt safe, as he had put quite a long distance between the United States and Canada. He would be more careful choosing his victim's now. There were many computer cafes here so he could move about more easily without the authorities tracking him to one location.

The next morning William went to a bank and got some of the American currency exchanged into the Australian Dollar. He wanted to keep some American money on him so he could pass for a tourist. It wasn't uncommon for tourists from the United States to have a couple of thousand dollars on them.

After William left the bank he took a taxi to Bondi Beach. He wanted to take the 2.5-mile tour from there to Bronte Beach so he could learn a little about the history and also to check out the scenery. He was most curious about the isolated places along the tour.

William would not have a problem getting online in Sydney and getting a date. Many young adults as well the older people who are lonely would like to take a nature hike also. He could pick the place and the most opportune time to commit his next murder.

William had patience and would stalk his victims much like an animal would stalk their prey. He started searching the crowds for someone built like him and around his same age. He needed a new identity. He felt certain there was a worldwide alert out for anyone using the identity of the man he murdered in Detroit, Michigan.

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