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Chapter 9

Some weeks had now elapsed since the death and burial of Sidney Bolton,
and the excitement had simmered down to a gentle speculation as to who
had killed him. This question was discussed in a half-hearted manner
round the winter fires of Gartley, but gradually people were ceasing to
interest themselves in a crime, the mystery of which would apparently
never be solved. Life went on in the village and at the Pyramids much
in the same way, save that the Professor attended along with Cockatoo to
his museum and did not engage another assistant.

Archie and Lucy were perfectly happy, as they looked forward to being
married in the spring, and Braddock showed no desire to interfere with
their engagement. They knew, of course, that he had called upon Sir
Frank, but were ignorant of what had taken place. Random himself called
at the Pyramids to congratulate Miss Kendal on her engagement, and
seemed so very pleased that she was going to marry the man of her
choice, that, woman-like, she grew rather annoyed. As the baronet had
been her lover, she thought that he should wear the willow for her
sake. But Random showed no disposition to do so, therefore Lucy shrewdly
guessed that his broken heart had been mended by another woman. The
Professor could have confirmed the truth of this from the hints which
Random had given him, but he said nothing about his interview with the
young man, nor did he mention that a Spanish gentleman from Peru was
seeking for the famous green mummy.

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