The Drums of Jeopardy (Chapter 8, page 1 of 8)

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Chapter 8

A phrase, apparently quite irrelevant to the situation, shot into
Kitty's head. Moribund perspectives. Instantly she knew, with that
foretasting mind of hers, that the man peering over the policeman's
shoulder and Johnny Two-Hawks had met somewhere that day. She was now
able to compare the results, and she placed the victory on Two-Hawks'
brow. Yonder individual somehow justified the instinct that had prompted
her to play the good Samaritan. Whence had this gorilla come? He was
not one of the men who had issued in such dramatic haste from the Gregor

"This man here saw you and another carrying someone across the fire
escape. What's the rumpus?" The policeman was not exactly belligerent,
but he was dutifully determined. And though he was ready to grant that
this girl with the Irish eyes was beautiful, a man never could tell.

"There's been a tragedy of some kind," began Kitty. "This man certainly
did see us carrying a man across the fire escape. He had been set upon
and robbed in the apartment across the way."

"Why didn't you call in the police?"

"Because he might have died before you got here."

"Where's the man who helped you?"

"Gone. He was an outsider. He was afraid of getting mixed up in a police
affair and ran away." Behind the kitchen door Cutty smiled. She would
do, this girl.

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