The Drums of Jeopardy (Chapter 2, page 1 of 5)

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Chapter 2

When the day clerk arrived the night clerk sleepily informed him that
the guest in Room 214 was without baggage and had not paid in advance.

"Lave a call?"

"No. I thought I'd put you wise. I didn't notice that the man had no
grip until he was in the elevator."

"All right. I'll send the bell-hop captain up with a fake call to see if
the man's still there."

When the captain--late of the A.E.F. in France--returned to the office
he was mildly excited.

"Gee, there's been a whale of a scrap in Room 212. The chambermaid let
me in."

"Murder?" whispered the clerks in unison.

"Murder your granny! Naw! Just a fight between 212 and 214, because
both of 'em have flown the roost. But take a peek at what I found on the

It was a case of blue velours. The boy threw back the lid dramatically.

"War medals?"

"If they are I never piped 'em before. They ain't French or British."
The captain of the bell-boys scratched his head ruminatively. "Gee, I
got it! Orders, that's what they all 'em. Kings pay 'em out Saturdays
when the pay roll is nix. Will you pipe the diamonds and rubies? There's
your room rents, monseer."

The day clerk, who considered himself a judge, was of the opinion that
there were two or three thousand dollars tied up in the stones. It was
a police affair. Some ambassador had been robbed, and the Britisher and
the Greek or Bulgarian were mixed up in it. Loot.

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