The Drums of Jeopardy (Chapter 10, page 1 of 11)

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Chapter 10

Meanwhile, Captain Harrison of the Medical Corps entered the Conover
apartment briskly.

"You old vagabond, what have you been up to? I beg pardon!"--as he saw
Kitty emerge from behind Cutty's bulk.

"This is Miss Conover, Harrison."

"Very pleased, I'm sure. Luckily my case was in the coat room at the
club. I took the liberty of telephoning for Miss Frances, who returned
on the same ship with me. I concluded that your friend would need a
nurse. Let me have a look at him."

Callously but lightly and skillfully the surgeon examined the battered
head. "Escaped concussion by a hair, you might say. Probably had his cap
on. That black eye, though, is an older affair. Who is he?"

"I suspect he's some political refugee. We don't know a thing about him
otherwise. How soon can he be moved?"

"He ought to be moved at once and given the best of care."

"I can give him that in my eagle's nest. Harrison, this chap's life is
in danger; and if we get him into my lofty diggings they won't be able
to trace him. Not far from here there's a private hospital I know. It
goes through from one street to the next. I know the doctor. We'll have
the ambulance carry the patient there, but at the rear I'll have one
of the office newspaper trucks. And after a little wait we'll shoot the
stretcher into the truck. The police will not bother us. I've seen to
that. I rather believe it falls in with some of my work. The main idea,
of course, is to rid Miss Conover of any trouble."

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