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Chapter 5

April 9TH. As I am leaving this School to-morrow for the Easter
Holadays, I revert to this Dairy, which has not been written in for some
months, owing to being a Senior now and carrying a heavy schedule.

My trunk has now gone, and I have but just returned from Chapel, where
Miss Everett made a Speach, as the Head has quinzy. She raised a
large Emblem that we have purchaced at fifty cents each, and said in a
thrilling voice that our beloved Country was now at war, and expected
each and all to do his duty.

"I shall not," she said, "point out to any the Fields of their
Usefulness. That they must determine for themselves. But I know that
the Girls of this school will do what they find to do, and return to the
school at the end of two weeks, school opening with evening Chapel as
usual and no tardiness permitted, better off for the use they have made
of this Precious Period."

We then sang the Star-Spangled Banner, all standing and facing the
piano, but watching to see if Fraulein sang, which she did. Because
there are those who consider that she is a German Spy.

I am now sitting in the Upper House, wondering what I can do. For I am
like this and always have been. I am an American through and through,
having been told that I look like a tipical American girl. And I do
not beleive in allowing Patriotism to be a matter of words--words, emty

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