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Chapter 4

"Money is the root of all Evil."

I do not know who said the above famous words, but they are true. I know
it but to well. For had I never gone on an Allowence, and been in debt
and always worried about the way silk stockings wear out, et cetera, I
would be having a much better time. For who can realy enjoy a dress when
it is not paid for or only partialy so?

I have decided to write out this story, which is true in every
particuler, except here and there the exact words of conversation, and
then sell it to a Magazine. I intend to do this for to reasons. First,
because I am in Debt, especialy for to tires, and second, because
parents will then read it, and learn that it is not possable to make a
good appearence, including furs, theater tickets and underwear, for a
Thousand Dollars a year, even if one wears plain uncouth things beneath.
I think this, too. My mother does not know how much clothes and other
things, such as manacuring, cost these days. She merely charges things
and my father gets the bills. Nor do I consider it fair to expect me
to atend Social Functions and present a good appearence on a small
Allowence, when I would often prefer a simple game of tennis or to lie
in a hammick, or to converce with some one I am interested in, of the
Other Sex.

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