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My mother was in the room across the hall from mine and we shared a bathroom with an enormous bathtub that had feet underneath and a tall mirror that swings up and down.

There was also an added bonus to staying in my chosen bedroom; when I would lie upside down on my bed at night I could see my Gamma laying on her bed through the open doorway and we would make faces and finger shadows at each other, quietly laughing until one of us would fall asleep.

I would put my pillow at the foot of the bed and cover myself with the blankets upside down so that she was within my sight all night long. This is how I slept every night that year.

My room was painted blue with sail ships in a border around the center of the walls. I had two curtained windows that looked out over the backyard and I could clearly see my favorite spot in the whole world from there.

At some point my grandfather, a man who I had never known but love dearly, had been a builder I think and he had fashioned the most incredibly magical place that I have ever known.

He had concealed his creation deep in the back of their yard, this special area appeared more like a discarded portion of forest from outside its high walls, so abstractly in contrast to the rest of the pretty yard.

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