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I was exactly six years old on the Sunday that would change my appetite for cookies forever.

My mother and I had moved across the city to live with my grandmother, I called her Gamma from as far back as the first day I met her because I had a difficult time pronouncing the letter R.

My mom and dad had been arguing quite a lot and then she told me that we needed a change so that we could figure things out. So we left behind friends and everything I knew to be familiar to live with Gamma even though I had no idea what it was that I had to figure out.

Regardless of how we came about it I was thrilled to be living in my grandmother's house. She always made these thin lemony sugar cookies that are still the best I had ever tasted and living in her house meant to me that I could have them everyday instead of just the holidays.

She also had the most incredible house I had ever seen in my whole life, full of memories and exotic things to toy with a child's imagination. Her house held wonderful memories of holidays and happiness and nothing more.

We moved in on a very cold day and I was told that I could pick any room as my own, so I picked the room with a fireplace that was separated from my Gamma's room by an unlockable door. I thought that having a fireplace in the bedroom was a very incredible thing, and it made me feel special and even warmer in a small way even though there was never a fire lit in it.

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