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You hear all the time about people moving into an older house and finding fortunes hidden inside a wall or under a staircase and even buried in the yard.

I must admit that the thought did cross my mind that I may have found something of that nature. What I found that day, as I unfolded the many layers of tattered old news paper, was a gift that had once been fondly and thoughtfully wrapped in Christmas paper, then intentionally placed deep beneath the flowers. Not for me, but for someone whom hasn't been able to receive it yet.

At the center of this parcel, I found a bundle of letters, all neatly tied with a bright red ribbon and a plastic sprig of mistletoe tied in the knot.

I sat and read every single letter that day. It was almost as if, for that brief moment, I was allowed to visit another time and to share in the lives of people that I will adore for the rest of my days. What the package contains is truly a fortune. A fortune of the heart and soul.

I will carefully repair and rewrap it with all the original papers and several new layers to help preserve it, so that it can remain the same way that I found it. Patiently awaiting the one that it was originally intended for is where I think it should stay.

Read it and renew yourself. Add to it, but don't take anything away. Then please, do the same as I have done when you have finished, and let it continue to be the gifts of devotion that it was meant to be.

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