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To who may read these pages,

June 14th

My family and I just moved into this house four months ago, my son, my daughter, and myself. After the accident, I felt that we needed to have a fresh start, to try and rebuild our lives without all the old and painful memories. I believe now that we did not come to be in this house by chance, because living here was exactly what we all needed.

I fell in love with this house from the first time I saw it. Not just because it's a beautiful old house, but because for the first time in the longest time, I felt a real sense of Love and Home here.

Like anyone would do, as soon as we had settled in, I began to change little things here and there to help make this house feel more like our home. Fresh paint, new window coverings and a thousand other minor little things that would make it uniquely our own.

As soon the weather turned warm and sunny, I set out to tackle the seriously neglected yard. While clearing out the dead and weeds, I discovered the flower garden that wraps almost all the way around the back of the house. I began to dig up the old bulbs, which over the years had been allowed to become wildly overgrown, that's when I found this package.

It must have been buried there, underneath all those flower bulbs and weeds, for quite some time. The outer wrappings were quite decayed and brittle. I took it over to the table under the big tree in the back, out of the mid-day sun, to investigate the mysterious bundle.

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