Benign Flame: Saga of Love (Part 1 - Chapter 8, page 2 of 5)

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"A hair like this is sure to ensnare any soul," whispered Sandhya to Roopa.

"If my hair has substance," said Roopa looking back at Sandhya endearingly, "your bob has style."

"She would be really lucky if they agree," Janaki interrupted their mirth.

"Doesn't she sound like a stuck up gramophone?" said Roopa in jest.

"Getting a girl married is no joke these days," Janaki addressed Sandhya. "He's their only son and they're propertied as well. The parents are hale and healthy, not needing the daughter-in-law's nursing. Moreover, the boy is in the government service. He won't be hard up for cash with people lining up to line his pocket. One can be sure about that."

"Bribe is bad mummy," said Roopa mockingly. "Know that from me."

"How could it be bad when it is the norm?" Janaki sounded dismissive. "All said and done, it's a man's affair. Why should a woman poke her nose into it?"

"If man gets the boot," Roopa protested mimicking, "won't it pinch the wife's leg as well?"

"Moreover, his father has five years of service left," Janaki resumed the resume, "and the boy is just twenty-eight. From what we've heard, he has no vices, to name any. He's neither the club going sort, nor the card playing type. He knows how to count his notes and keep them clean. Well, a disciplined bringing up one may say. Any girl should find him a safe bet to say the least. We're lucky to come across such a match these days when everyone is going head over heels to go astray."

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