Benign Flame: Saga of Love (Part 1 - Chapter 5, page 1 of 4)

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When Chandrika got her degree and Roopa was through her Intermediate with flying colors, what with the recalcitrant Raju too seemed to mend his wayward ways, for the Ramaiahs it seemed time flew as if it developed wings. However, proving that good things won't last forever came the jolt as Roopa revealed the cards that she so closely held to her chest all along.

"Don't you know," said a surprised Ramaiah, "what it takes to be doctor?"

"You know I've topped the class," she said naively.

"Medical education costs a fortune," he said helplessly, "and it's beyond my means."

"But I'm craving to be a doctor," she said.

"Sorry, there's no way," he dismissed her in despair and left in dilemma for the Post Office

'How I took it for granted!' Roopa wondered all day, 'Maybe when one is obsessed with a singular aspect of a situation, the attendant issues fail to get the focus they deserve.'

When a distraught Roopa approached her mother pleading for her support, affected by her daughter's passion, Janaki promised to persuade Ramaiah. While Roopa hoped for a miracle as the condemned would to escape the noose, however, on Ramaiah's return, she avoided him like the one who tends to hide himself from the one commended for the favor. When Ramaiah sent for her, after what appeared to be an eternity for her, she went up to him with her heart in her mouth.

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