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Benign Flame - Saga of Love

BS Murthy

ISBN 81-901911-3-6
Copyright © 2006 BS Murthy

Originally published by Writers Workshop, Kolkata,
Second editions and third editions by Self Imprint in 1997 and in 2004
This improved E-book edition is of 2013
Cover designed for 2004 edition by KB Bhaskar,
GDC creative advertising (p) ltd.,
Hyderabad - 500 080

Dedicated to Naagamani,
my better half for thirty-three years now,
who still leaves no stone unturned for my fulfillment.

Stages of Love

1. Ramaiah’s Family

2. Realities of Life

3. Hapless Hope

4. Turn at the Tether

5. Moorings of Marriage

6. World within the World

7. Roopa’s En Passant

8. Threshold of Temptation

9. Sathyam’s Surrender

10. Sandhya’s Sojourn

11. Match in the Making

12. Poignant Moment

13. Wedding Season

14. Veil of Fate

15. Naughty Nuptials

16. Tidings of Love

17. Tentative Moves

18. Fetishes of Fantasy

19. Curtain of Courtesy

20. Blueprint in the Offing

21. Enduring Longing

22. Villainy of Life

23. Playboy at Play

24. Scheming the Theme

25. Device of Deceit

26. Software of Detour

27. Tara’s Theory

28. Night of the Mates

29. A Brimming Romance

30. Euphoric Forays

31. Living the Dream

32. Chat at the Bar

33. Amour on Rein

34. Surge of a Merge

35. Date with Destiny

36. Threesome Sail

37. End of an Innings

38. Subdued Beginning

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