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Chapter 2

Fate would not allow it.

Again, they would meet, this time at a dance. Not allowing themselves the pleasure of even the slightest stare, the emotions would take hold without warning.

And for Jane, she knew she could only marry one man, the man for which she held affection.

The simple thought of a marriage with affection was utterly absurd in her culture, not to mention her mother's disapproval would be the end of such an idea. Tom Lefroy? You simply cannot marry that man that has come into our lives with such misfortune and a reputation. You will not marry a man with a reputation. Her mother would be aghast.

Yet still, after receiving and declining many offers for her hand, she had continued what would be the greatest love affair of all. They would meet again and again, only strengthening the bond that could never be, much to the displeasure of all of the people that surrounded them in their small world.

She just couldn't be with him, not without making ruins of the family that she held so dear. For he did not come of fortune, nor did she. And still, they had planned an elopement to the knowledge of not a soul but her dear sister. Knowing that it may be the end of her reputation, as well as the undoubted financial ruin of her family, they caught the morning coach and began what would be the long awaited journey to the end.

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