Wolf Wood (Part One) (Chapter 7 - Wolf Wood, page 1 of 5)

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Harald Gascoigne grabbed his son's horse. William was standing in his stirrups and looked ready to take on the world. His brother, Guy, said that was a natural reaction to injury. Some force propelled you to take an aggressive stance.

'We're back!'

The boy yelled at the top of his voice and Harald tried to calm him.

'Sister Alice told you to stay quiet.'

At the mention of Alice's name, William sank back.

'Sorry. I forgot.' He turned to Harald. 'She is a beautiful lady. I think my mother was like her.'

'She was indeed.' Harald grasped the boy's hand and lied. 'Your mother was beautiful and caring.'


He heard his mother's voice and saw her descending the stairway that ran down the outside of the old house from her private suite of rooms. She rushed to William's side.

'Godfrey said you'd been hurt. He said you fell off a wall.'

'I fell of a pulpitum.'

'A what?'

'A pulpitum, Grandmother. It's part of the abbey. But I'm all right now. Sister Alice stitched me back and I'm going to Dorchester to get my arm checked out. It's my sword arm so it's important it gets done properly or I won't be able to go to France with Grandfather and Uncle Guy …'

William babbled on and Harald led the horses to the stable. The yard squelched under his feet. Piles of hay lay about, wasting in the rain. He took his seeing glasses from their pouch and looked around disapprovingly.

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