True Agape: True Love Will Always Conquer (Chapter 4, page 1 of 3)

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Morning came as Captain Nikolas gathered his strength. He placed his hands on his narrow cabin bunk and slowly pulled himself up. Standing in front of the sink, he splashed cold water on his weary face―a welcoming sensation.

The large black circles and bags beneath his eyes made him look much older than he actually was. For a moment he thought his strong will was abandoning him and hope was losing its grip. "What is the use?" he thought. "I'll never find her. I never will. For years now I have been looking for Anna. Why not stay dead and not disrupt her life? Why can't I let it go?" He said, whispering. "Why can't I let you go?"

Unwanted tears surfaced as he rested his forehead on the mirror, and with clenched fists, he struck the wall of his cabin, as the negative thoughts began to fade away.

"No. No! I must find her and tell her how much I still love her, and how much I have missed her."

Like a rusted old robot with stiff, unoiled joints, he systematically put on his black trousers and a black cotton T-shirt. He looked into the mirror again and painfully realized how much grayer his uncut hair had become. He ran both his hands through it, as if in hopes of combing away the silver with his fingers.

"Is the captain going out?" Yanni popped his head inside.

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