Searching for Susan (Chapter Three - Brother James Snoops, page 1 of 3)

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Brother James Fletcher's letter continues to report on Miss Smith.

Boston May 12, 1866

Dear Brother Edwin,
I have just read your letter left at Earle's and as I have a few leisure moments I will write a few lines in reply.

Miss Smith did not intimate to me that she had seen you the previous week or that she had ever met you. She keeps dark presuming I judge that it would not be in good taste for her to open first upon the subject, especially as the decision has not been reached by either party. I think she would be quite free if I should introduce the matter, but I have held back not wishing to get abreast of the times.

I notice she complains of being tired and I can easily account for her fatigue as there are several things on her mind beside the school which is enough of itself to tire a common woman. I should infer she had taken the subject of your attentions into serious consideration and see nothing to indicate an unfavorable response. She seems cordial and like herself when we see her. She knows how to keep a secret as well as anybody and has a nice sense of propriety on all matters of delicacy, especially where her own interests are involved. She is obliged to decide very soon whether she will take the position at the High School at Lynn and if she was settled in her decision towards you, and you towards her, it might affect her plan of taking the school.

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