Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 8, page 2 of 17)

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"Not much chance of that, now that Mr. Hannish has no wife," Halen muttered.

Charlotte said, "Unless he divorces her."

"What does it matter to you?" asked Sarah. "A teacher cannot marry anyway."

Just then, Hannish walked through the door and glared at Charlotte. "No MacGreagor has ever set a wife aside and I do not intend to be the first."

"But she committed adultery," Charlotte dared to say.

There was an intense, awkward moment during which no one spoke, but Sassy didn't pay attention to it when she smiled at Prescot, "I told you he hears everything." Seated across the table, Prescot did not return her smile and it confused her.

Hannish took his annoyed eyes off Charlotte finally, and looked at the man serving as his valet for the night. "Prescot, I shall have a glass of milk before bed." With that, he turned and left the kitchen.

"Very good, Sir," Prescot frowned at Charlotte again, before he got up and began to prepare a tray.

If Charlotte cared, she didn't show it. "I only said what everyone suspects," she muttered, as she too left the room.

"What is the matter?" Sassy asked.

McKenna smiled to reassure Sassy. "A servant should never comment on her employer's private affairs. Charlotte broke that rule just now. Come, it is time for bed and I am exhausted."


Sassy was getting pretty good at fixing McKenna's hair in the mornings, with a little supervision still from Sarah. She had one side almost pinned up when she noticed how quiet McKenna was. She exchanged glances with Sarah and finally asked, "Are you ill, Miss McKenna?"

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