Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 8, page 1 of 17)

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They spoke of little in the carriage on the way home, mostly because McKenna was livid. She tried not to let on and if Charlotte knew how upset McKenna was, she wasn't letting on either. It was near dinner time when they arrived, and once inside, each went their separate ways.

All through dinner, McKenna and Hannish talked about the prospects of attending their first Colorado ball together. She asked him several questions about the dancing and the refreshments, all the time feeling she should say something about Charlotte's disclosure. In the end, she decided to let her brother have a good night's rest, and tell him what happened in the morning.


"Our Charlotte is a teacher," McKenna announced when she went to say goodnight to the servants in the kitchen.

"Are you?" Sarah asked.

"I am," Charlotte admitted.

"Why are you not teaching?" Keith asked.

"They have no position for me just now, but I am hoping they will someday soon," Charlotte answered.

Sassy frowned. "If you be a teacher, why are you not correcting me instead of Keith?"

Charlotte did not hide her contempt for Sassy. "If he gets it wrong, I will be happy to correct him."

"But he does not get it wrong, does he," Sassy moaned.

Jessie finished towel drying the last washed cup and put it in the cupboard. "Perhaps the time will come when we need a teacher right here in the mansion."

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