Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 7, page 2 of 22)

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"I hoped we might start our family."

"We will, when we are both in Scotland. I do not wish to miss a moment of it."

"Very well then, I shall need money for my expenses."

"Alistair is going with you and he will pay your expenses."

"Alistair? I would rather pay my own expenses."

"Have you no money left? I have given you a very generous allowance."

"Well, yes, but everything was very expensive in New York."

He was having trouble holding back his anger and decided he best leave, before he said what he desperately wanted to. "Get dressed, Olivia. If you are not dressed in an hour, I shall be forced to dress you myself in the first garment I find." He walked out and closed the door, leaving a naked Olivia alone to stare after him.

When Hannish went back to the kitchen, it was clear by their smiles that the Scots had spread the word to the Americans - the duchess was going and Hannish was staying. He was surprised to find Sassy at the table eating everything in sight and it made him feel a little better, but not much. It didn't appear as though her eye was going to blacken after all, but she had her hair loosely piled on top of her head as though it still hurt where Olivia had ahold of it. "Where might my sister be?"

"Still in bed," Sassy answered. "That awful banging kept her awake."

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