Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 6, page 1 of 21)

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Keith was delighted when Ronan brought the dessert tray to the dining room. Quickly, he picked up the tray of dirty dishes and hurried off to the kitchen, and they were all there, American and Scot alike.

"She hates Americans," Keith said just above a whisper.

"Fret not," said Alistair, "she hates Scots too."

"She is English?" Charlotte asked.

Alistair rolled his eyes, "She says she is, but she is Scot the same as we."

Keith set the tray on the bar and joined McKenna at the table. "She told him she brought Mr. Graham with her."

McKenna's mouth dropped. "She told him?"

"She did," said Keith. "He is to come tomorrow."

"God have mercy. If Hannish suspects, he will kill him," McKenna whispered.

"And with good reason," Jessie muttered. "I once saw…"

"I dinna wish to hear it, Jessie. What I dinna know, I will not have to lie to my brother about." She did not mean to raise her voice and toned it down. "I know Hannish wants us to be honest, but think how it will hurt him if he knows for certain. I beg of you, dinna tell him."

"And the time they spent in New York together, how do we explain that?" Millie asked.

Keith again whispered, "The duchess is not staying."

"Good," several of them muttered.


Hannish watched Olivia choose a dessert from the tray Ronan held. The ring on his wife's finger was the biggest square of Jade he had ever seen and he had to pull his eyes away, before he was tempted to ask how much that cost him. "I am afraid we are not as wealthy as you think," he decided to say.

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