Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 4, page 2 of 20)

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"Aye, but where might Prescot be? Have you left him somewhere?" McKenna asked.

Hannish wrinkled his brow and slowly looked around for Prescot.

Certain he would fall down if he didn't, Alistair sat down on a window seat. His hat had begun to slide forward, but instead of catching it, he looked up and watched. "Pressy be…(hic)…horses, Yer ace."

Hannish suddenly stood up straight. "I said, dinna call me that! 'Tis what…started…the fright." He soon slumped again.

"Forgime,…(hic)Yerace." Alistair finally pushed his hat up, touched a cut on his lip and checked his fingers for blood. He tried hard to make his eyes focus and when they wouldn't, he decided he didn't care anyway and let his hand fall to his lap.

McKenna examined the small cut on her brother's forehead, the start of a bruise on his cheek and then rolled her eyes. "Keith, help me get him up to bed."

Alistair groaned and started to fall over sideways. "I shall…here."

"Alistair…" Hannish started.

"Never mind, that," said McKenna. "Off to bed with you."

It was a struggle getting Hannish up the stairs and she was surprised to see Charlotte at the top watching. Just before she and Keith got Hannish into his room, she said, "Thank you, Charlotte, go back to bed."

"Yes, Miss." Even so, Charlotte stayed in the hallway, hoping Hannish would notice that it was she who cared most about him. Too soon, McKenna closed the door.

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