Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 3, page 2 of 23)

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"She is excited, it is…"

"Let her be excited somewhere else."

Sarah stared at Charlotte for a moment, and then turned back to watch Alistair through the window.

Charlotte finally got the needle threaded and began to sew the apron seam. She dreamed of making a gown of her own someday, attending a grand ball at the Antler Hotel, and having Hannish ask her to dance. She was perhaps not the prettiest of women, she knew, with thin hair that was more brown than black, but one look in her eyes when they danced would let him know how much she adored him. It was just a dream, but sometimes dreams did come true.

When Hannish walked past the open door, she stopped to smile at him. Unfortunately, he did not notice her so she went back to her sewing. "I dread having to fit Sassy for another frock tomorrow."

"Then I will come with her. She will stand still for me," said Sarah.

"I doubt it."


They were ill prepared to entertain guests, but when a carriage started up the drive toward the Mansion in the late afternoon, everyone hurried to get ready. Keith rushed out to open the carriage door as soon as it stopped, while Alistair stood ready at the front door. McKenna checked her hair in the only full-length mirror located in Olivia's room and straightened her skirt, "How good of someone to come just at dinnertime," she muttered. "Sassy, tell cook to prepare. My brother will surely invite them to stay."

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