Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 3, page 1 of 23)

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Just as Sarah said, there were housemaid uniforms aplenty on hand but they needed alterations. The next day, in an empty room not far from the kitchen, Charlotte put the Singer Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machine to good use and became the Mansion's in-house seamstress. While she loved to sew, especially on such a nice new machine, she had a few complaints.

"I am so tired of sewing the same color cloth all day long. I cannot quite decide if the cloth is blue or gray," she whined when Sarah walked into the room.

"Perhaps this will help.' She showed Charlotte where the seam of her white apron was coming apart. "Can you fix it?"

"With pleasure, it will only take a minute."

Sarah walked to the window and looked out at the tilled ground where Hannish hoped to plant a rose garden. Alistair was outside looking at it too, and when he spotted her, she nodded. For a butler, Alistair was a friendly sort, a little prim and proper perhaps, but not all starch and vinegar the way some butlers were. It was plain to see he had taken Sassy under his wing, and for that alone, she admired him.

"Oh, darn it, I broke the thread. That is the third time today."

Sarah glanced back. "You seem a bit annoyed, is something the matter?"

"I could not get Sassy to stand still long enough to pin her hem straight. It took nearly an hour."

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