Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Book 1 (Chapter 10, page 1 of 19)

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The first spring ball was held at the Antlers Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs and according to Abigail, everyone who was anyone was expected to be there. It took a full hour for Sassy to pin ringlets in McKenna's dark hair. McKenna chose a simple silk gown the color of a ripe peach, a matching hat and a white, lace shawl to wear over her shoulders.

She was a sight to behold when she came down the stairs into the parlor and everyone was there to approve. Smartly dressed in black with a tall round hat, Hannish offered his arm, Prescot opened the front door and Keith stood ready to open the carriage door.

Egan looked particularly handsome in his driver's uniform, held the horses steady and waited for his cargo to climb aboard. As soon as Keith closed the door, he gently slapped the reins against the horse's backs and took the MacGreagors to the ball.


When Egan let his passengers off at the front door of the hotel, it appeared every carriage in town was lined up along both sides of the wide main street, which left no room to park except at the end. He did not like being so far away, but he had little choice.

In the ballroom, Abigail and Claymore were the first to welcome them and McKenna remembered to comment on the remarkable decorations in the expansive ballroom. It pleased Abigail very much and she was happy to give up her position in the receiving line to introduce McKenna to everyone. Pearl and Loretta were there, and so was Loretta's brother, John. He seemed a pleasant man and to please Loretta, McKenna promised the second dance to him. To please McKenna, Hannish asked Loretta for the second dance, claiming to dance the first with his sister. No two were happier than Loretta and John.

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