Marti Talbott's Highlander Series, Book 1 (ANNA - CHAPTER VIII, page 1 of 16)

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Word finally came by way of one of the king's soldiers; they finally found Rachel. The Highlanders gathered their things, prepared the horses and were standing near the clearing watching Catherin pace back and forth.

Justin leaned close to Kevin, "How long should I wait before I marry her?"

Kevin looked surprised. "You prefer her?"

"Are you daft? Every unmarried lad in the clan will want her."

"Then 'tis a good thing you have the advantage."

"What advantage?"

"It was you who saved her and it is you she talks to." Catherin was pacing faster now and Kevin could only guess how hard it was for her to wait. "It will please my wife if her mother and sister live with us."

"Aye. How old do you think Catherin is?"

Kevin smiled, "I do not even know how old Anna is, but I would guess Stoneham took Catherin when she was very young."

Finally, Athena walked into the clearing with a child in her arms. Catherin screeched, began to run and as soon as Athena let Rachel down, the child turned and ran into her mother's arms.

Behind Athena, the King of England sat on his horse watching. He got down when Athena walked back to him and was surprised when the woman boldly kissed his cheek. Grinning, he got back on his mount, returned Kevin's nod of appreciation and rode away.

On the other side of Kevin, Thomas sighed. "It warms my heart to see such joy. Do you want me to ride ahead and tell your wife we are bringing them with us?"

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