The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 1, page 1 of 10)

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Chapter 1

It is early in the spring of 1940. A young woman suns herself in a small clearing on the mountainside.

She is Queen of all that she surveys!

The Gods have made her tall and strong; she is Envied by everyone she meets, and there Are none who dare to challenge her.

Could any woman not from far off Laya, Come here to bathe her body in the April sun.

Would local wives have nerve to lie here naked Upon this rock? How pathetic they are, Most women. How subject to their men!

In her house, it is the man who hears and heeds.

She is Woman! In all her life she has not Known a man who could impress her. A man To face her toe to toe without averted Cringing eyes! There were some handsome men, Some strong, some archers of renown; but none With character and power. Perhaps in all those Towns and cities in Tibet or India there are Such men. But in her world, within her reach, Anywhere she can ever go, in this Section of Bhutan… where is there such a man?

He would be from far away, like the Traveler.

Her little spouse would be so hurt if he But knew that he can only ever be A shadow of the man she wants. And almost Two years now, that they are married, but still No son. She hoped that if she could not find A man she might succeed in making one.

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