The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 2, page 1 of 4)

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Chapter 2

Bhutan, July 1940 A young woman is working her way through a small stand of barley, stooping now and then to pull a weed.

"Hello, Tesla."

"What? Cheoki? What a nice surprise! How good to see you."

"Tesla, I am with child!"

"Well! That's good. What did Gendun say. Or does he know? You aren't big yet, are you."

"No, he doesn't know. It's still early. But this is my first, and well, I've been very worried. I just thought I should stay with you for a while. Is that alright?"

"Of course it is. I haven't seen you for so long! But you know I have no experience in these things. I haven't married or even been with a man. I know nothing about babies."

"That's okay, I can tell you what to do. I helped others with this before, so I can show you what you have to know. We've got a lot to catch up on anyway. When I get closer we can decide exactly what needs to be done."

"But that's a long time. What's Gendun going to think?"

"I've told him I need to see a shaman about not having a baby these last two years, and I would be gone as long as five months. And not to look for me, because that might interfere."

"Well I must say. You have a way with that man of yours. It's unbelievable!"

Tesla is a smaller woman than Cheoki, and plainer. She too grew up in Laya, but unlike her more confident sister, she has adopted the short cropped hair of her neighbors, and her kira is of the local variety. But she has some of her sister's spirit. She lives alone, as she has not found a man she cares to be with, and because of this, a thing very much frowned on, she has a tiny house, and a tiny plot of ground to farm. But, she manages well enough.

The two sisters live contentedly for several months. The house is in Haa, a little place close to the border.

Summer passes quietly into autumn. Harvesting the barley by hand, stripping the stalks between two sticks as is the custom, keeps them busy for many weeks. The mountain winds blow colder, and the oak and walnut leaves are turning red and brown.

"Well, you're getting bigger every day."

"Tesla, I've got to tell you something. This baby may not be Gendun's. One day in the spring I was sunning myself up the hill, and a traveler came and raped me. He was a big strong hairy man. He was so fast and so powerful, there was nothing I could do, nothing. You have to believe me. I couldn't stop him no matter what I tried. Do you understand?"

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