The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 9, page 2 of 5)

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Chapter 9

He has so much to learn, so far To go before he can begin to be a man.

But he has come tremendous distances.

And in the fullness of our time together We hopefully can guide him step by step Towards that greater life of full humanity.

It is a long, uneven, dusty road That we must go together, Jack. May God Go with us, traveling together. May God Be with us yet. May God be with us yet.

May 1950, the Chinese have been occupying Tibet "Brother Andre, Brother Andre, come quick! Come see!"

"Calm yourself, Brother Guillaume, calm yourself, and tell me what's the matter."

"There's soldiers at the gate, a troop of soldiers!"

"Soldiers? What kind of soldiers? Where did they come from? What do they want?"

"I don't know, but they want to talk to you. I think they are Chinese."

"They asked for me?"

"No, not like that. They want to talk to the boss man, that's what they said, the boss man."

"I do not like the sound of this. Go ring the bell for meeting, quick."

Brother Andre makes his way to the gate. Young Jack is there, with his dog, and several groups of monks are talking. The gate is closed. Brother Andre goes up the portal steps to see what waits outside. A ragged crew of about thirty soldiers are scattering about, some mounted, some at ease. Some very much at ease, in the bushes. They are Chinese cavalry, but they seem very casual. Brother Andre goes down, and opens the gate.

"Good day, gentlemen. May I help you?"

Two men step forward to speak to him. One is apparently some sort of captain. He wears a sword, and has several symbols on his tunic. The other seems to be one of the rank and file. He replies with exaggerated self-importance.

"I talk English. Not other no talk English. Okay?"

"Parlez vous francais, monsieur?"

"I talk English. I talk Chinese, I talk English!"

"Sprechen sie Deutsch, bitte?"

Exasperated, "I TALK ENGLISH!"

Smiling, "I'm sorry. Good. Very good. We will talk English. What can I do for you. Are you hungry? You need food?"

The spokesman turns to the officer. They talk with much gesturing. The meeting bell sounds in the background, but no one pays any heed. The interpreter resumes. "Food later. We want fort. This fort. Fort for soldiers. This China country."

"Oh, I see. You think we're in Tibet here. No, no, no! We're in Bhutan, close to Sikkim. This is Bhutan country."


Borg comes jumping forward, growling angrily. He stops between the monk and the soldiers, and paces back and forth stiff legged, nape hair ruffed and raised, snarling at the strangers.

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