The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 6, page 2 of 11)

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Chapter 6

"I am the priest in charge. And the letter will be private. May I know who sends this letter?"

"It is a private letter. I do not know who wrote it. A monk gave it to me. He made me promise to give it to you. No one else can see it."

When the visitor is quite certain his meaning is clear, he reaches in his ko and produces a very dog eared envelope. He hands it to Brother Andre, who takes it and immediately puts it out of sight.

"Thank you. Will you wait for me to answer this letter? Would you like to rest a while before you go again?"

"No, I cannot rest. I must go. And there can be no answer for the letter. I will not go that way. Thank you. Goodbye."

With that he turns, and walks right out the gate, evidently a man with a mission, but one has the impression that whatever his mission might be it could not be easily discovered. A fitting person to trust with an important letter.

Brother Andre goes to his study to read this missive. It is in English, and the writing, although jerky and uneven, is legible.

"14 April 1946 Dear Sir: In December of 1940 I left my baby at the door of the monastery. When I was pregnant with this baby I was very troubled. I thought I would be better after I gave up the baby, but I was not better. I was even worse.

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