The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 6, page 2 of 6)

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Chapter 6

"14 April 1946 Dear Sir: In December of 1940 I left my baby at the door of the monastery. When I was pregnant with this baby I was very troubled. I thought I would be better after I gave up the baby, but I was not better. I was even worse.

I was raped by an apeman in March 1940. When the baby was born it was very hairy. I am not hairy. My husband is not hairy. In both our families no one is hairy, and no one is blond. So I think the apeman was the father. I have heard of this. It can happen.

I know you kept the baby, I have asked in the valley and I have seen the little boy. And I know he is not hairy now. He is almost blond, and his skin is not very dark. They told me his eyes are green. I have not seen a man with green eyes. It is worrying me what can happen with the boy. If he is part apeman he may be wild or crazy. I think you must know this so you can be careful.

Please do not try to find me, I can not help. And I do not want my husband to know this. I hope I will be better now.

Thank you."

He reads it several times, and sits for some minutes, thinking. Then he takes down several books and scrolls, and searches back and forth, comparing passages, making notes.

After about an hour of this activity he goes to the door. "Brother Guillaume!"

"Yes, Brother Andre."

"Please send Brother Boniface to see me."

After some minutes, a knock at the door.

"Come in."

"Brother Boniface. Please sit down, this may take a while. I remember a comment you made once about apemen in this area. Can you tell me more about that?"

"Well, there are apemen in these mountains, that is well known. They exist in other parts of the world as well, in China, in Canada, in the States."

"I've just been checking, and there are a number of well attested accounts of sightings, of footprints, and of local folklore in Bhutan, Sikkim, and in Nepal. I'm not familiar with the other places. Please bring me up to date."

"I have a brother in California. He's quite an enthusiast on this subject. We write each other from time to time. I can tell you what I've been able to make out so far myself. If you need more, I can write to him for you, or give you his address. May I know why this is important just now? Is it something to do with that letter?"

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