The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 7, page 2 of 8)

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Chapter 7

Oh well. Lots of time. Who knows, I might be off in Germany, or even Italy. Haven't started any Italian yet. Wonder if we will. Something like Latin, Brother Andre says.

Well, off to prayers.

Jack marches to the chapel. Most of the monks are already there, quietly kneeling and praying in their hearts.

I wonder what they pray for. Some of them probably ask God for big things, like peace in the world, or the conversion of Russia and China. And they must think and ask about their own problems. Like how to be a better person, not to get angry so quick, to accept what happens without complaining. Stuff like that.

That way they don't have to go to Confession when they want to take Holy Communion.

I often have to go to Confession first.

That doesn't seem fair. Brother Andre is the one who hears Confession, and he's also the one I sometimes have to confess about. I sass him, and then I confess to him. That gets kind of confusing. I wonder if he thinks it's funny. I hope not. It's not fair.

And I hope he doesn't think it's funny when I confess that I peed my bed again. I just don't understand it. I have to go so bad, and I aim my little thing down into the opening, right into it, making absolutely sure I won't miss, and then when I let go, I can feel the warm wet on my legs. And then it's too late! So I just let it all go. How can I know. How can I not know. Doesn't make sense.

Jack kneels and waits. Brother Andre enters, welcomes everyone, and gives the benediction. The customary litany is recited by a small monk with a very deep voice, Brother Oren. All the brothers respond in unison. Then they all join in for the choir part, well practiced and faultless, without any instrument accompaniment.

Brother Andre concludes his homily.

"Dear Brothers in the Lord. We hear through the King's messengers from our missionary friends in East Asia that there is much political turmoil there. We must pray that the missions and their converts will be kept safe from harm, and that God will inspire political and community leaders to adopt a more Christian approach to their difficulties.

There's a small group leaving for Paro today to do some trading. We wish them god speed and hope their journey will be uneventful.

Brothers, keep an eye on young Jack; he grows more venturesome each day.

Jack, listen to Brother Boniface, do not wander, and be careful with strangers. And leave Borg here.

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