The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 5, page 2 of 2)

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Chapter 5

He is no beauty; his nose a pug nose, his ears A little pointy. But he looks human now.

The nose and ears come well within the normal Variation; one could expect this anywhere.

No longer do I feel at sea when I Behold him sleeping; my fear has gone away.

He is a human child, and I a human Father; we are a family. A tiny family!

The only element missing now is femininity.

My brothers will all have to join with me To try to fill that gap. We cannot be a mother, But hopefully the necessary talent will Be found within the group; there are a few Who seem to have a good admixture of The female hormones. This unexpected role Might be of mutual benefit. And so, my Jack, You may in God's good wisdom fill a new and Multi-various purpose here; you may Thus stimulate development of our softer Side and draw us more together in a joint Concern for your well-being. Dear God, Let all our efforts be a blessing to our Jack.

And Jack a blessing to us all.


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