The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 4, page 2 of 7)

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Chapter 4

What father sin, implied in this dark fur?

But put aside all this imagining; Although we have some doubts about this bundle, We must remember that he is also part Of God's creation. And whether or no he can Become a Son of God will be revealed In the warp of time, and this may well depend To some extent upon our efforts. Our loving Care, focusing and channeling the love of God, May bring this little creature to spirit life.

All things are possible to God. All things.

The child seems human; it has a human form, Its limbs, the size and shape of head, the chin, All these are man: no question that the voice Is strong and modulated as a human voice would be.

But oh, so furry and so hairy; we know not What to make of that. So we declare he is A human child by default, by decree.

And now, we are assigned to find a name; The onomastic exercise, a challenge.

There are two ways to choose a name. We name A child to lead him, to guide him with a constant Goal of emulation, to live a life That would be worthy of that name, chosen From the roster of the Holy Saints.

The other way; a name should be that name As suits the character, the personality and style, In short, the essence of the man. But here We know but what we see, and what we see Is worrisome. We have no knowledge whatsoever Of family, of background, of heritage or language…

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