The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 4, page 2 of 4)

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Chapter 4

The other way; a name should be that name As suits the character, the personality and style, In short, the essence of the man. But here We know but what we see, and what we see Is worrisome. We have no knowledge whatsoever Of family, of background, of heritage or language…

And even race is questionable here: Even humanness is open to a question here.

But no, we cannot stray into that fog Of doubt and fear. The battle cry must be An Onward Christian Soldiers! A confident and Hearty optimistic stand against all denigration, And let the Devil take the hindmost. Alright!

What sort of name. If we call him for a saint What might that do? Would he appropriately Confirm the goal and mission of our Brotherhood, Wrapped in the warm accepting comfort of a Peter, Or an Andrew. A James, a Simon or a Luke? A Judas?

Yes, we must reflect on that as well. A Judas.

What if this shagginess persists, and what If, failing all my love and all my care, This little one does not respond; becomes, Remains, persists intractable. What then?

What if he comes to be in deed, what now He only looks like… a little monster!

What shame to carry then the name of Blessed Saint. Alright, the other way; how best Can we reflect the little that we know About this orphan? We cannot call him Harry!

But some such neutral type of name would be The safest; some common and generic name Like John or Jack. Yes, Jack. Jacko, me boy!

Good enough. Jack it shall be. Jack the Ripper.

Now stop that! You cannot play that foolish game.

Keep it pure and do it well. Alright.

What else is here for our concern. A Jack Will be just fine within our monastery, but monks Have names for politic and legal matters; our Jack Must have a surname, and here we have some scope To be a little more inventive. Let's see. A hairy babe.

A hairy man. A Yeti, an Almas, or a Mi-Go. That's it!

Jack Migo. A perfect name! Only a person with Some perspicuity, with knowledge of our backdrop here, Would follow that connection. That's settled.

The boy will have a name that serves him here and Will be perfectly acceptable abroad, if He should leave to see the outside world.

Lord, give me grace and strength to do my best For this young charge. Open my mind to Your guidance And let him be responsive to our lead.


22 December 1940 Brother Cyprios is standing in the yard…

Today we baptized little Jack. A good day.

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