The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 3, page 2 of 7)

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Chapter 3

Seventeen years ago, when he first approached his bishop in New Jersey about this ambition to create a lay Christian monastery in remote Bhutan, he encountered a stone wall of resistance. But he quietly persisted, meeting each objection with just the right sort of answer, having many things already in place, so that eventually he prevailed. And aside from a monthly letter to the bishop, consisting mostly of chatty news, he has been running this outpost of Christianity without let or hindrance from anyone, for almost eighteen years now.

Two members of the wood party are at the gate. One of them is wandering back and forth, talking to and shaking a blanket bundle. He sounds a little desperate.

"The Lord be with you, good Brother. And what have you got there. Is it as Brother Guillaume said? A fuzzy baby in your husky arms? What a sight is this! Yes, yes. A restless, oh my, a very hairy baby. Well, give it to me, and be on your way. You can catch up with the others if you hurry."

Brother Andre takes his bundle to the kitchen. A portly monk, classic caricature, with a dark head-band of hair accentuating an otherwise bald head, is standing by the counter, frowning at a bowl.

"Well Brother Rudolph, how fare you this morning? Do you have the baby's breakfast ready? You do. Good. So let me see you feed the baby. Now don't fuss. Just feed the baby."

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