The Great Chain on Urantia (Chapter 8, page 1 of 4)

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Chapter 8

June, 1949 Another outing to Paro, with Brother Boniface and Jack on the motorcycle, and four monks on horseback.

The trip goes well except for a dead oak across the trail. The three monks clear it away handily, cutting the trunk into manageable chunks so they can come get them later, for firewood.

We're just about there, this is close to town! Brother Boniface looks a bit grim. I wonder what the people in town think of him. Does he complain at them too? In German? He seems to switch to German when he does that. But he probably doesn't complain at them. I bet he talks polite in Dzongkha. I'm going to have two whole days to hang around.

I wonder what the four monks have to do at, what, some kind of school? Maybe they're teaching. Anyway, I'm going to have some time to be with Jim. If I can find him.

Haven't spent much time with him. He seems older than me, probably ten or eleven. The little time we had was mostly just getting our names straight, and where we live and stuff like that.

I'm lucky to find a boy who speaks English.

Brother Boniface parks the bike, and tells Jack to meet him in the square at suppertime. And off he goes, into the store.

Jim, Jim. Where are you. I'll just walk around till I see him. He told me where he lives, up that way, but I doubt if I can find it. What a lot of shops around here. And only one clerk in each one. With no customers a lot of the time. Wonder why they don't get together and make one big store? I guess they'd have a hard time figuring out who would run things. When to open and close, and who would look after what part.

Ah! How about that! There he is.

"Jim! Hello! Over here! Wait, I'm coming!"

"Hi. Jack? How are you?"

"Well, I've had some trouble with my tonsils, so we may have to get them out. My ears seem to get plugged up and…"

"Whoa! Come on, Jack. When someone says 'How are you' they don't want a medical report. It's just another part of 'Hello'. What you say is something like: Not too bad, thank you, and how are you? And then the other person says 'Oh, fine.' And then you go on talking. See?"

"Hmm, that seems like a lot of hello. But if that's the way it's done, I guess I'll try to do it."

"Good. But I'm surprised your holy teachers haven't taught you stuff like that. Don't they want you to talk to people?"

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