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"This is truly an inspiring piece to all the poets who aspire with words because we want the reader to feel our thoughts, our emotions, our honesty and where we're coming from. Tracie did that with this piece." Praise for poem "Urban Floetry" By: Mcclinton40-Def Poetry Jam.com Artist 2003

"APPLAUSE! This piece is so on point. So many people have the hardest time balancing their artistry with ambition, and often ambition overrides the purity of their creation. This should be like a conscious guide to keeping your head despite achieving success. I really, really appreciate the author for posting this!" Praise for poem "Artistry & Ambition" By: Legacy-Detroit Poetry.com Poet 2006

"Fyah! Tracie is blazing! I'm feeling this poem because it definitely does get like that sometimes. While no one wants to ask for it, sometimes women must do what they have to do. My favorite stanza was…"

So, I'm going to make this short and sweet.

I know I'm your Lady, but tonight I need to be your Freak.

Willing to explore every nook and cranny and then some more….

Of the body that makes my mental weak!

"This is a dope write!"

Praise for poem, "A Woman's Needs"

By: Penda - Detroit Poetry.com Poet 2006

"I've reading the poem "Verbal Penetration" and I really liked it. It is, as I'm sure the author already knows, very well written, highly charged and erotically powerful! It was like doing a slow dance, in a dim room, with someone you just met, but with whom you feel a sudden and powerful sexual attraction. It was hot! I also read the pages of your novel that are on your website. I can see why it was published…it is very good! You segue quite nicely between literary description and realistic conversation, which is no easy task! Keep up the good work, I am proud and humbled to be in such talented company." By: Arnold Wolf - Author and Black Authors Showcase Artist

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