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Chapter 3

As we walked towards the prison we talked some more about this 'Jesus' character, and what he was like. Simeon described Jesus as a woman would describe her lover: "His eyes were full of compassion and purpose, with the determination to accomplish his task out-weighing everything else in life. His mother was standing nearby, but was not allowed to come to the aid of her son," He said, with tears in his eyes.

"You see," He went on, "this man was going to die that day, and the burden I was helping him carry was the object of his crucifixion."

I had heard some things about this Jesus fellow before. He was supposed to have raised people from the dead, and do all sorts of other…what were the people calling them? ...ah yes, miracles! But I didn't believe in such things. A man needed only to have his good senses and a strong back in order to get the things needed for survival. Sometimes it even afforded luxuries. I know I felt like I had some of those luxuries; a good woman, a nice, soft comfortable bed, and plenty of food. What more could a man need?

"Tell me, Simeon, did you see this man die?" I asked.

"No," he said, "I was nearly worn out from carrying his load, and my children were somewhere in that angry crowd; I needed to get to them to see if they were alright." I noticed the concern on his face when he spoke of his children.

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