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Chapter 1

"Everything has a purpose, my husband. Everything has a purpose," she said. She had an uncanny knack for saying the right thing at the right time and this was one of those "right times."

She was a beautiful woman with dark, shoulder length hair that had a red hue to it outlining her face. The two blue gems that were her eyes were as penetrating as the noon day sun, and just as bright. She is almost as tall as me with a fine figure that made me proud to be called her husband.

"I can't think of a possible reason for me to have grown so attached to a prisoner. I have never done so in the past, yet there is a unique quality about this gentleman that keeps me engrossed in his tales. They have affected me so that troublesome dreams haunt me in the night," I said, wondering if I really believed all I had heard him say. "Why, just today he was telling me of an instance where some of his friends had to help him escape a crowd of angry men! You'll never believe how they accomplished such a feat; they placed him in a basket, and with the aid of a rope, let him down from the top of the city wall. Unbelievable! I've heard some strange stories before but this man's tales really tops them all." I rambled on for some time, wondering if she was even listening to me, until supper was ready.

"Michael! Supper is ready," Mary said from the kitchen.

As I entered the room filled with the aroma of the meat, potatoes, and fresh baked bread, once again my mind wandered back to the prisoner in my cellblock, and I felt a tinge of sadness.

"I almost wish I was taking some of this fine meal to him, Mary," I said.

Mary looked at me as only she could, which told me it was time for me to stop thinking about work. As her captivating eyes found mine, my thoughts were transformed into an evening of romance. That is, right after I consumed this table full of food and wine.

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