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Chapter 2

He spoke quietly, in almost a whisper, "Hear this man."

I was surprised at his words and answered, "What man, Lord?"

He seemed to get taller as he spoke, "The man I have sent to you."

I was perplexed, "The man you sent to me?"

He explained, "The man in your charge. He has the words of life."

Suddenly I was back at my house, standing to my feet. As I came to myself, Mary was standing beside me with eyes opened wide, and hands gesturing about her head.

"Michael, Michael, who are you speaking to?" She asked a little bewildered.

I had not realized I was saying anything so I asked, "What did I say?"

She laughed as she replied, "You said something about a man being sent to you. Your expression was troubled and it was as if you were speaking to yourself."

Fear gripped me for the first time in a long time.

"What else did I say?" I asked.

Now Mary's voice was hesitant with fear, "You are scaring me, my husband. Are you all right?"

Reaching out to touch her shoulders I assured her, "I'm fine. It is this strange little man in the prison; I am thinking of him once again."

Then she said something I had never heard her say, "Well, I will be glad when today is over, then maybe you will stop this, and finally get some rest." Although it was something of a surprise for me to hear her speak in that tone, I agreed and went back into the house.

I thrust my hands into the copper bowl on the table next to our bed containing the fresh water my wife had just poured into it, and splashed my face. As I stared into the rippling water, I remembered something the strange little man had told me. Then it was as if his face was reflected by the water in the bowl, instead of mine. I could almost hear his voice saying…

"I was a young man, a devout Hebrew and even a member of the Sanhedrin. I was very angry about a group of rebels that were stirring up sedition everywhere they went. They were part of an organized group of people called "The Way." They were teaching things that were unlawful for Hebrews to teach. Some of it was considered heresy. There was one particular young man who was railing against the rabbis and leaders of the community about their religious habits. He even dared to make reference to the Law in his speaking. He spoke of Moses and David. He incited such madness that the crowd began to stone him. I looked on in disbelief. How could he be so blind? Could he not see he was making the people angry? Then he really got them stirred when he said something about seeing the Son of Man at the right hand of power. He then prayed, 'Father, lay not this sin to their charge.' He died that day, and I was stirred to a passion I had not felt before. I became determined to lead in the fight against these rebels. The Way was nothing more than a cult, and all it needed was some direct action taken against it, and it would disappear forever…"

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