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Chapter 7

"How do you feel about Jesus," I asked.

"He has changed a life of pain into a life filled with joy," He retorted gleefully.

"Was something wrong before?" I asked.

"Not physically, no, but I had a poor outlook on life, and had even considered taking my own life. You see, I was a person who didn't like the daily tasks assigned to him. I thought it was all for naught. There were times when I wondered 'what's the use?' I am making no difference in the world at all," He offered.

"Yes, a man must feel his worth," I affirmed.

"Yes, indeed, but a man with no hope is most miserable indeed. I was such a man," He said.

I noticed quite a change in his countenance as he finished, and understood exactly what he meant.

"What changed you? You certainly don't seem hopeless now," I added.

"You are so right. One day the man in your prison walked into our city. He stood on the street corner and beckoned for a long time for people to stop what they were doing and listen to what he had to say, so I did. I listened to him tell of a man who was the son of God. A man, do you hear, a man! That was never before heard in our city. Ephesians' citizens worship the goddess Diana. There is a beautiful temple there and priests to lead in worship. The people listening got very angry, and told others what he was saying. One evening, after he finished speaking, I invited him to our house for rest and refreshment. It was then that he convinced me of salvation through Jesus," Onesiphorus told.

"You mean it was just that easy?" I asked.

"Easy, you say! Easy? Not hardly. All I had ever known was the worship that took place in the temple of Diana. But there was something in his voice, something about his words. It was as if I could feel his words penetrating my heart. They brought such joy inside of me I decided I wanted more of this 'Jesus'. And more was exactly what he offered," He said with joy.

Onesiphorus went on about the different teachings the strange little man had presented to him. I tried to listen but my mind kept drifting back to the dream I had during the night.

Why have I been having dreams of this nature now? What triggered these thoughts? Is there a direct connection between them and the strange little man in my prison? Mary broke my concentration.

"Michael, hello Michael," She sang.

"Uh, yes, dear? What were you saying?" I asked, innocently.

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