What A Strange Little Man (Chapter 7, page 2 of 6)

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Chapter 7

"Well," Mary said, putting down her goblet, "What did he do?"

"He came into the room where she was laying, touched her on her forehead, and she sat right up in the bed!" He continued, "I had never seen anything like it in all my life."

"Is she still well today?" I asked.

"Oh, yes. People come to our house all the time to hear the story of her healing," he said.

"Is that all, or is there more?" Mary asked with great enthusiasm.

"I have heard stories about how Jesus raised a man from his tomb!" Onesiphorus said.

"Do you believe those stories?" I asked.

"I am inclined to, yes. After all, if Jesus could bring himself back to life, I guess he could do it for others," he said, "I have not ever seen it, nor have I met anyone who claims to have been raised back to life, but no matter, it doesn't change how I feel about Jesus."

"How do you feel about Jesus," I asked.

"He has changed a life of pain into a life filled with joy," He retorted gleefully.

"Was something wrong before?" I asked.

"Not physically, no, but I had a poor outlook on life, and had even considered taking my own life. You see, I was a person who didn't like the daily tasks assigned to him. I thought it was all for naught. There were times when I wondered 'what's the use?' I am making no difference in the world at all," He offered.

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