What A Strange Little Man (Chapter 6, page 2 of 5)

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Chapter 6

"Everything? I mean, from what I hear he suffered a grueling death. I heard some of the stories about the beating he received. I don't see how the man survived that, let alone carry his cross to Golgotha to be crucified," I said.

"It is all true. My friend in your prison has suffered similar beatings and punishment for what he believes," Onesiphorus said.

"How can what a man believes cause him to be imprisoned? I mean, couldn't he just keep it to himself, he would probably live longer," I asked.

"He believes the vision he told you about tonight. I believe he actually heard the voice of Jesus, and it changed him so much he had to tell others," He explained.

"How does this pose a threat to something as powerful as the Roman Empire?" I asked.

"The only way I can figure is that some of the people of Rome believe in the Messiah, and that makes them act differently. I guess it gets interpreted as some kind of movement against the Emperor. Some do refer to Jesus as a king. Yes, that's got to be it," he said, as if he had just had an epiphany.

"A king? But he is dead, isn't he?" I asked rather perplexed.

"As you and I know death, yes, he is, or rather, was But if he is truly the son of God, I believe he now lives on a spiritual level. How this is I cannot tell. I just know I believe it," He said.

"Spiritual, huh? I guess that's beyond a simple jailer's mind," I said, trying not to show how uneasy I was about such things.

"You are no simple jailer, Michael. My friend has told me a great deal about you. He says you are a unique individual, and I agree with him. I have never received such a friendly welcome in Rome, I can say that for sure," He said.

Onesiphorus was growing very weary, so I suggested we continue in the morning. We finished our bread and wine and retired for the night.

As I entered into the bedroom where my wife was, I noticed the anxiousness in her eyes. I knew I was not going to get to sleep right away.

"What is it, dear?" I said, trying to pretend the events of the evening didn't happen.

"How are we going to explain that amulet you are wearing? And why haven't you removed it yet?" She asked. I sensed the fear in her voice. I took her in my arms and held her close to me with a reassuring hug that said everything was going to be all right.

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