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Chapter 4

I could not imagine why such a thing would bring so much pleasure to the strange little man, but again, I thought it was nice to see him smile.

"Tell me about this 'Jesus'," I whispered.

I didn't want anyone to hear me speak about this man. I had heard that some took a dim view of him, and I sure didn't want to risk my position here at the prison. He pulled the little stool made of twisted vines up to the bars of his cell and sat down. I too, grabbed a chair and sat in front of him. I knew if the captain walked in while I was doing this I would likely be reprimanded, but curiosity had gotten the best of me.

He started, "I was once a man about town. I was the one citizens sought to learn the finer points of the law. The training I received as a child had served me well for I fear I would have not been able to have an audience with Nero had I not been so trained."

"You've seen Nero?" I asked surprised.

"Spoke with him just last week. He is quite certain that he is the reason I will die today. But this is the end to which I was appointed from the moment I met the Christ," he stated factually.

"Who, or what, is the Christ?" I enquired quite excitedly.

Imagine, I was about to be told why he was here. This was exciting because we usually don't talk much with the prisoners. It was just not done; but this fellow seemed to have liberties others did not. I sat closer to the edge of my chair as he went on.

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