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Chapter 10

"What a sad way to live. No friends; it must make life boring," said Onesiphorus.

Romy was curious how Captain Antonio knew so much about Michael. He wondered if he didn't have all his guards investigated.

"Romy, I can see the Roman soldier in your eyes," the Captain started, "I make it a policy to know the men under my command. It's important that I know what motivates you. That way I can assign duties accordingly. Please do not take offense."

Romy was surprised the Captain offered an explanation. He had never done that before. Although, he did wonder how the Captain knew what he was capable of doing.

"Sometimes, this military amazes me. It is no wonder we are the strongest in the world," Romy said proudly.

"Love is stronger," I offered as I walked into the room.

"What was that?" Romy asked.

"According to our resident genius out there, love is stronger than even the Roman Empire," I explained.

"What are you talking about?" Captain Antonio asked.

"He says that even if we have the strength to move mountains and don't have love, we are nothing," I retorted, "Imagine, the Roman Empire-nothing!"

"Are you sure he said that?" Onesiphorus inquired.

"Well, he didn't use those exact words, but I believe that's what he meant," I replied.

"As long as he's been around, I guess he would know," Onesiphorus started, "He has seen and experienced things I'm not sure I could have endured. He told me about being shipwrecked on an island once. When a viper bit him on the hand, the natives of the island thought he was surely an evil man, and the gods were punishing him. He just shook off the snake into the fire and felt no harm. He said they tried to make him out to be some kind of god, then."

"What an amazing story! And you believed him, right?" I asked sarcastically as I turned to leave the room, "You guys are hopeless!" I was exhausted from the events of the day and returned to my post.

A small room at the end of the hall next to the stairs that led out of the prison was where I stayed. It was lit by one candle on a small table where I checked people in and out. Nobody could get to the prisoners without going by this post. It was not a comfortable place, but it served its purpose.

I really needed some time to clear my head. So many new ideas and thoughts had been presented to me it was making me crazy. I had no more of an idea what was going on than when the strange little man first arrived. Except for the information, nothing seemed to be different. Of course the Captain and Romy sure have changed. Why haven't I been able to see what they can? Is it so hard to believe? What was in me that was keeping me from what they all considered truth? Maybe they can show me. Maybe I can learn.

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