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Chapter 10

In the Captain's office, Romy, Onesiphorus, and Captain Antonio were discussing Jesus. They were comparing stories they had each heard, and trying to see if their stories validated one another.

"I've heard how he cured a man possessed of devils on a certain island," Onesiphorus said.

"I was in the marketplace once, and over heard a group of men who claimed they saw two of his disciples cure a man who had been a cripple from birth. The man was supposed to have jumped to his feet, and ran into the temple," Romy offered.

"In the Senate, he has many followers," The Captain said as he stood to his feet and looked at the two men confidently, "Although, I believe, they are secret followers. Each man I met had an amulet like the one I'm wearing. The same ones that offered me a seat told me about the way Jesus taught in the temples. They said he never tried to hide anything like the Sadducees claimed. I think they were afraid they would lose their power. I've watched many a man fall to the temptation of power."

Romy walked around the huge table and stood next to Captain Antonio, took out a dagger and laid it on the table.

"This is what makes me wonder," He said, as he pointed to the dagger. The gem on the black leather handle glimmered an eerie red as they all stared at it. Romy continued, "It's very easy to conceal one of these. Sometimes you don't know if someone is coming at you until it is too late!"

"I agree," said the Captain, "It is a perilous time we live in. A man must know who his friends are."

Onesiphorus stood now and leaned over the table, placing his hands on the flat, smooth surface.

"Gentlemen, I believe some things are worth dying for, but more importantly, I believe there are some things definitely worth living for!" He stressed.

"Amen to that," said Captain Antonio, "The good news of salvation must be told and lived!"

"Do you think Michael will come around?" Romy asked.

"The way I see it," said the Captain, "He has no choice."

"How so?" asked Onesiphorus.

"He has been undergoing some dramatic things as of late, and I think he's beginning to understand," explained Captain Antonio.

"What things?" Onesiphorus asked curiously.

"For one, he has never had any friends that have I met. You would be the first he has had any relationship with. He is either here or at home. Every once in a while he will play a game of chess with one of the merchants in the marketplace, but that's about the extent of his existence as I know it," the Captain offered.

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