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Chapter 9

It seemed as if I had just recently been introduced to the world. Things I had never given any thought to were occupying my mind. A man's social status never made a difference to me. The simple things in life were just that; simple. It never dawned on me to be thankful for them, or to even recognize them apart from everything else. I knew I was a very fortunate man, but all that consumed my thoughts were things needed for my life. I rarely gave thought to the other man.

I was good at my job, and rarely missed a day of work. I was faithful to my wife, and to the people I did business with in the marketplace. Everything was just right. Why wasn't I aware of these feelings before now? My mind began racing once again which caused me to feel a little light-headed, so I made my way to the chair Onesiphorus had been occupying earlier. I sat down feeling rather odd.

"Michael, do you need to go home?" Captain Antonio asked.

"No sir, I'll be all right. I just need to sit here a minute," I replied.

"Would you like us to pray for you?" Onesiphorus asked as he came to where I was sitting.

"No," I said, "I assure you I will be all right. I guess there's just been a lot of excitement around here today."

I was not exaggerating. Learning about the Captain's conversion, and the discovery of Mary's beliefs made me wonder about Romy. Had he converted as well? I really had an overwhelming urge to speak with the strange little man alone.

"I wonder if I might be able to speak to the prisoner alone, sir?" I requested.

"Certainly, Michael. We will go into my office, so you can have some privacy," the Captain said.

"I really must be going," Mary interjected as she looked at me and whispered, "I have something I want to tell you when you get home this evening."

The Captain, Romy, and Onesiphorus left the hallway and Mary went up the steps and exited the building. I scooted the chair a little closer than Onesiphorus had placed it, and looked at our strange little prisoner.

"I wonder if you might be able to shed some light on some things I don't understand," I said.

"If I can, I certainly will," He assured me.

"I have experienced some rather strange events lately. Feelings that I can't explain have been flowing through me, and my mind seems clouded with unfamiliar thoughts," I started.

"My friend," He said, "This is the beginning of a transition for you. You have been a Roman soldier for a long time. Your life shows it. Everything you do is built around that premise. But now it's not enough. The military mind has taught you discipline, and you are quick to obey it. Love for your fellowman is not an emotion you are accustomed to dealing with, but it is love that will ultimately guide the rest of your life."

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